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Greener Lab Solutions for Research Laboratories

If you are currently working in a research laboratory and are interested in reducing your impact on the environment, reach out to the companies who are striving to improve their products and processes so that they are more environmentally friendly. From finding more energy efficient ways of producing the reagents and instruments to offering laboratory equipment that is easier to reuse or recycle, many companies are taking the initiative to reduce the overall impact of scientific research on the world in which we live. As scientists, you are consciously and actively looking for ways to lessen the harmful or negative side products or effects of your research. Greener Lab Solutions™ give you the opportunity to meet with companies who are making a difference everyday.

Your input can have a nationwide impact as these companies work with universities and institutions across the US and worldwide. Make use of this opportunity to talk with the laboratory supplies that you use to see what new and more environmentally friendly products they are available.

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